agosto 24, 2015


This is part of my workspace, a view of a corner at my office in home. First of all is full of flowers, some fresh, some dry, and sometimes I really do not know where to put it because my space is still in progress, so I don´t have storage yet. When I think that I finished, suddenly I start to cut more flowers and the room looks worse, but the only who can see all my mess is my little gnome on the window.

I started to pick up some hazelnuts, they are so cute, I love the little "hat" and Im sure that I will use it latter on a new project, I don´t know when or how but I will.
I have two butterflies that I found in the park, they were dead because the rain, one kind of wasp, a dried mushroom, some pinecones and a noisy (but dead) cicada on my shelve. The white and black image is a picture of my parents at their wedding making a toast.

A chair always is important, and mine it is, I found it on a antique shop, was brown, with a very damage fabric, and I painted on blue and covered with stars, now thats cool. I work sitting on the stars ha!

My work table, I think I don´t have one, or I wish to have a big one, super big one! because right now is full, always full.  There is a hammer....I don´t know why! I used it but I cant remember why. My table is full of flowers, painting, molds, scissors, tweezers, glass, glue, pencils, papers even moos for work.

Now everybody knows where my Tesoros are produced.


I have been working on new rings and cameo pendants,  all are listed on my etsy shop
All my jewelry is handmade using real flowers, and also this weekend I made a special request with a blue and pink galaxy, now Im working with dolphins, moons and planets and of course FLOWERS!


Two weekends ago we went to Des Moines during night to walk, I wished to have my tripod but even we forgot the stroller. So we walk a little because Valentina wanted his milk and bed. Well, this is a little of Des Moines River Walk.

agosto 21, 2015


I made another edit, just to keep the surreal mode every week.
(Original background by The wildlife trust page)

agosto 17, 2015


Starting spring I took some photos at the Capitol, but the session ended in the moment when I hurt my back and I was unable to move. This is what I took from the window car back to home.


New prints available on my etsy shop, limited time.
You can request this print, just let a comment below.

agosto 11, 2015


detail of the original watercolor

I ended days ago this pink and purple hydrangea, one of the main flowers at the entrance in our home, this flowers was very complicated to paint, sometimes I was pleased at the beginning when there was no so much detail and color. I love transparencies on watercolor technique but then I change to make it more bold and then I don´t know haha. This print is available on my etsy store 

agosto 07, 2015


Lets flow and cut ties.

Everything is part of everything, and I thought again that our body is a reflection of our emotions, we can see it in the skin, eyes and other parts.

Like the time polishing a stone, time polish to us depending of how we decide to live our life. Easy seem complicated, or complicated it is because at the end is our decision.

I thought the hair also are part of our stories, our feelings are remained registered in our hair, and then they continue to grow along with us ¿Can you also see how surreal life is?

agosto 05, 2015


I have been working a lot with illustrations and right now I only want to sleep, but first I want to share with all of you my most recent work.

I did this illustrations, a set of 4 images with black and white ink and that I digitalized for prints, already have those on my living room and I love it. They are handmade drawing, and now you can have it! (they are on my etsy) I converted into more colors like in the last pic, so you can choose your favorite. 

Now...¡my bed please!

agosto 03, 2015


A quick edit from the last Friday.

This image is available for sale printed on hight quality photo paper and canvas, if you are interested please write to

Thanks to Aarón Escobar for the original roots and E. Dina for the tree.

julio 31, 2015


Image of the original painting

Final result.

I started a couple of days ago a watercolor flowers serie, probably 6 illustrations, the main purpose is to decorate our dinning room. Tulips is the first one and my first time making watercolor flowers, I choose Tulips because here in Iowa are very popular, and Im waiting for the next year Tulip festival.
The print is available at my etys store.

Here a awful video that I made painting (Im not good filming)...

WIP tulips from Valeria Prieto on Vimeo.
Tulip first time


July is over and now you can download this lovely desktop calendar. Click on the image to download full size.

julio 30, 2015


I love Blue Jays and definitely is one of my favorite birds, I made this illustration with watercolor and graphite of this beautiful bird standing on the heart with branches and few leaves (probably mine haha). I think is very representative, lot of feeling in it with this quote that I love "Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." by the genius Albert Einstein

I think I can see on this illustration what I feel: NATURE.

This print is available on my ETSY shop.