mayo 07, 2015


Oh my God! I can not believe that this video was not shared here in my blog. This video is very special to me and perhaps also for my husband. We made this video in Yucatán and La Riviera Maya.

This video summarizes in many ways a change in my life, a reunion and an extraordinary connection that marked me for life, like a reborn a inner encounter.

I hope you like it!

mayo 01, 2015


Here is the new desktop calendar MAY, I hope you enjoy it and please, SHARE IT :)
To download the full size please click on the image.

abril 24, 2015


This is the second hummingbird that I do, now with gold leaf. It is a technique that I like a lot but I have used very little, I knew it when I started doing "frescos" that are ethyls stones with neoclassical and renaissance images. Last year I started using gold leaf on paper, but i need a lot of practice and patience.

As you can see I have not spent much time creating pictures like I used to do, with surreal and conceptual editions. I guess I will do it latter.

Now with the move to Iowa and the new adaptation, plus a girl to attend I have been with a lot of work at home and my creative personal things they have devoted little time and I do not focus on just one thing, now Im between photography, drawing, fabrics, bags, pads, calendars and many other designs I'm doing, Im still working on the adaptation of my work area, still not finished! I feel like I do a thousand things at once.

But what is clear to me is that I will never stop creating.
Please keep visiting my blog, thanks for leave comments!

abril 12, 2015


I've had days quite heavy since February, gradually we are left with nothing, sleeping on the floor and eating junk food, all to be split for a change. We left Colorado to move to Iowa, again a new adventure begins. We knew something would change. ¿Where shall we go this time? From the Mexican desert to the mountains, from Colorado Mountains to the plains of Iowa. Everything happens for the better.

Now I just have to find out what Iowa has for me and my family.


April is here and I was late, so here is your desktop calendar, just click on the image to download it.
Thanks for waiting.

marzo 11, 2015


Two little birds made with coffee technique, available on my etsy more details: HERE


Lately I look like a bird factory, yes I know... many birds, but I had my exhibition with 11 illustrations and 12 photos and thats why I have been working a lot on illustrations. This is a watercolor and coffee illustration, this original work is available on my etsy, more details: HERE

marzo 03, 2015


Lately I've been doing more artwork than photographs, it is easier to draw when Valentina take a nap, I have made several birds in pencil and watercolor, but this I did last year during the summer in my little notebook of sketches I did in ink and finger painting for children. Now the original will be presenting on a Art show for sale and soon the digital print on Etsy (on high quality of course, this images is from my ipod)

febrero 28, 2015


March is here and here is the new desktop calendar!
Just click on the image above to download and enjoy.

febrero 17, 2015


Last weekend while I was in the garden taking a sunbath, my daughter and I hear the birds and we begin to imitate them. Then I felt the need to draw, everything was perfect, a miracle! because my daughter fell asleep as soon as I took my material to work.

Here the result, birds made with graphite and watercolor.
I have the printed version (with flowers) and the original version (without flowers) of sale in my ETSY shop for those interested in acquiring a bird.

febrero 11, 2015


Hello, Happy February to everybody!
I will start to upload some digital desktop calendars by month, I hope you like it :)
Just click on the image above and enjoy.

febrero 04, 2015


Take pictures with natural light when everything is snowy and sky is gray can be difficult, and freaking cold if you are making photos without help and without a plan. I don´t like so much this photos, but sometimes I only have to do it, with the resources that I have, in my backyard and near, because my girl was with me, all the time, she was playing with the snow, Is hard to have an eye on the shooting and another in my baby, both froze our hands, but she got tired and went to sleep. I was worse than cold, at the end I quit, I did no feel my hands.   

enero 15, 2015


We went to Garden of the Gods at night because I wanted to take some photos because the snow, but it was a visit unplanned. I forgot my tripod, it was very late and I was very tired... and I was not sure to stop or go home to sleep.

So little and so badly that I could take my photos, here are some drawings I did. (Thanks to Diego for teaching me to draw some animals)