noviembre 24, 2011


In this darkly strange cautionary tale about the pitfalls of too much domestic togetherness, we follow the comings and goings at the hotel Vodjvodina in an anonymous cityscape awash in spectral figures, unfulfilled desire and expectations gone awry.

This video Javier and I did in 2004.
I like visually, so I do not have a history or a pre-construction plan, only arose to combine photos and video we took in Serbia and other shots that we do in a city north of Mexico. Cellan Quartet musicmade ​​especially for this video.
This is a "experimental video" as it was difficult to explain that it was. For me it was rather the experience with photo shoots on the move frame by frame and splice video.
With this video we opened some doors and led to the zero point, then already tell that old project.

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