noviembre 27, 2011

Lorenzo Ventura

Lorenzo, when he was very young left Ciudad Juárez to move to Monterrey. He studied a degree in Architecture.
Here's a bit of his career:

Lorenzo Ventura, currently resides in Monterrey. He has presented his work at the FIAC and ARCO, one of the most prestigious posts in France and Spain and has participated in numerous residencies in France and received a scholarship from "Young Creators" FONCA (National Fund for Culture and the Arts ).

In addition, Lorenzo works are part of the collection of the Musee d'Art Moderne in Saint Etienne, France.
His work also appears as part of the animation of a video called "Canned Ophelia" and was selected in the Antimatter Festival in Canada in 2005.
In 2006 The Museum of Art in Tokyo bought his book "The Joy of Terror" as a permanent collection. (Which to my taste is one of my favorites)

He collaborate with "La Refaccionaria" a gallery in Mexico City, Monterrey Gallery in Pristina and APW Gallery in New York.

Individual Exhibitions.
Useless Fact 1999 (Love + It). BF15 Gallery. Nuevo Leon, Mx
1999 Galerie Yvonamour Palix. Paris, France
2001 Center for the Arts, Nuevo Leon, Mx.
2003 M. Barney. Ramis Barquet Gallery. Sample 02. Mexico, DF.
2006 The Joy of Terror. Museum of Art, Queretaro, Mx.

1999 Exhibition and Residence. Barcelonette, France
2000 Exhibition and Residence (Love + It) Musee d'Art Moderne de Saint Etienne, France
2002 Musee d'Art de Picardie, Amiens, France
2004 Ecole des Beaux Arts. Saint Etienne, France
2006 Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan

I wanted to know a little more about Lorenzo, some of his personal side.
Here the mini interview.


 I'm going to do a little interview, if you can please answer me.

1- Describes the whole trajectory of your work with a single word.

2 - What has been the place, half or event that has caused you more a reaction to capture in your work?
Love-human relations

3 - What is your favorite technique?
 Love, hate and India ink

4- Okay, you have a hobby or "ritual" when you paint and what is it?
The outside evasion

5- If you were a color, what would you be and why?
Some days I wake up in white areas, there are days I wake too black. I try not to get to is dirty gray.

6- Who are your influences in painting?
The newspaper, the stupidity of humans, war, inability to laugh at the people, stupid people who want to save the world.

7- What is your first memory related to the art, describe it a little.
The skulls of Posadas and laugh at the irony of death.

8- What is your favorite food?
Sandwiches and hot dogs, hamburgers, all fast food and porn.

9- What music do you like?
The one that I think a bubble from the outside .. Tindersticks, pixies, joy division and Juan Gabriel.

10- Well, the last one: What words will you let those who will read this post?
Heed their mothers and follow the light!

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