noviembre 11, 2011

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Valeria Alejandra Prieto

Graduate degree in Graphic Design at the Institute of Architecture, Design and Art at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
She served as a fine arts teacher, theorist and photography since 2001. She is a collaborator from 2001 to the present in several short films along with visual artist and Grammy nominee for best video edition Javier Ventura.

She currently works as independent illustrator, graphic designer and jewelry design/artisan. 
Valeria Alejandra Prieto has presented work in countries like Canada, Serbia, USA, Argentina Mexico and London (TATE).

Born in 1982, based on USA.

"I'm Valeria Alejandra, I live in the US since 2012, but i was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

About my photo work.

A popular question is if I went to school for photography or if  Im photographer, and the answer is no, I did not. Well, I completed 4 semesters of photography analogue and digital as part of the Degree on Graphic Design, but I do not have a Photographic Degree or deep knowledge on photo

Everything I know I learned through books, since my childhood I liked to see books or magazines with pictures and paintings.

My Equipment:  I currently use a Canon T2i, and in the past I've used a Canon A1, AE1, Sony Cyber-shot TX5 and a few vintage film cameras like Diana Mini and also the Iphone. I'm not the most technically photographer, I don´t know much about light and numbers, in fact I do not like to use flash, I love the natural light, that is were I find the real magic. 
I love to print and develop, I think is like cooking without measures just with instinct. But also love digital. I like to experiment, using peepholes, cardboard tubes, glasses like kaleidos or everything that modify images.

I think that I don´t have a style, graphically and photographically, so I don´t pretend to create a big stories with my images, sometimes I don´t want to say something on specific, or that someone likes my work, I just make what I like,  if you found something special and you enjoy it, thats a big plus for me. I don´t consider myself as professional photographer. 

I fell in love with photography when I was 8. When I was at elementary school I carried on my backpack the photo album of my family, without my mom knew it, I liked to see pictures and show the pictures to my friends. When I was teenage I loved to cut Landscapes or Street Situation from the National Geographic magazines and then I attached real photos taken by my mother or my sisters, creating "another photography".

Around 10 years old I had my first film camera, and though it was automatic, a vintage Kodak with 110 magazine I loved it.  I remember when I did a fashion session with my nieces, It was very pathetic, but for be the first ones now I think they were amazing!

I do many self-portraits, because I have not many friends or people around, I also believe that not many people could be open to my ideas, those surrealistic ideas sometimes rare to portrait". 

About my illustration, painting and graphic work:

Always surrounded by colors, papers and a bunch of crafty material to create, even when they were not considered as "art supplies" but I love to make art with lot of things. I don´t have a specific style because I like to make different things, give different looks, but I love to work with natural elements like animals, gemstones, faces and flowers. I love to mix my images on a surrealistic way, I love to work with watercolor, graphite, ink, color pencils, acrylic and oils. I enjoy to work on cotton paper, wood or natural leaves.  Also I like to make digital illustration, retouching my physical work or start from zero on a digital canvas, I use Photoshop.

About my jewelry design:

I started on jewelry during July 2015, suddenly I was making jewelry without a plan. My jewelry is handmade and I work with natural flowers, real nature cruelty free and also I do paintings on my pieces, I like to use raw and polished gemstones. My style is a mix of lot of styles: Victorian,  Gothic, Celtic, Medieval, and a Bohemian. 

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