diciembre 05, 2011

After Ek Balam, a guy Maya we met, who told us we could take us into a Cenote, I distrust a little but  i saw the emotion on Javier and I accepted.

Joel, Maya teenager got us into the car and guided us to the insides of a small town can not remember the name, we passed the church, small houses surrounded by dogs, birds and an occasional mule and horse running loose. 

Joel told us that he learned Spanish since little child, because at 3 years and they sent him to work, but their families and all the people speak Mayan, some know Spanish. 
He told us that their diet is based on what they sow, beans, rice, chile, corn and hardly eats the meat that makes you fat. 
Joel 17 years studied until high school that had no money to pay the high school, and that her mother has no money, his mother works making hammocks. We asked that our house was made of material that if it sticks or other material. We passed the school where Joel had studied and showed us the facilities in the distance. 
And I kept moving with excitement and caution everywhere, but the view was the same, 360 degrees around me and all green, without seeing in the distance, we were caught in the wild unless that Joel knew the way . 
Somewhat dazed to see my feet stepping on he went, we finally got a hole in the ground where it fell a huge wooden staircase well built. 

We went down gently, with little light I could see every step coming down, we took several turns until we finally reached the bottom, I did not know how many meters or descend, but they were many. A manure-like smell permeated the whole place, but quite bearable with this visual beauty. The swallows came frightened by our noise, as Joel Javier and I were the only people in the place. 
I did not know whether to take photos, video or take off my clothes to enter the water, I felt that time was fading and I wanted to capture it as impossible, I tried to focus my camera ... but with so much moisture out of focus all the time: S 
A few rays of light coming through the hole in the floor (roof) which were mixed with tree roots Zaac Hauaj, confused me ... because supposedly the tree bears that name, but also the cenote its name supposedly means "water ".... clear, then? 

I took photos, grabbed worms Joel told me to put me on the hand, took video and finally with some regret for being with Maya, I took off my dress (and all the mortars they had brought with me haha) and got to water ... the truth with a little disgusted by the sensation of stepping on the sand wash. 
The turquoise water was clear, beautiful! full of black fish, the cenote ring-shaped and the center is land, a very capricious nature. 
In the end, we left happy, wanting to live in the Mayan people, full of amazing things, we deliver to Joel to his village, I guess near his home. 
We headed for Valladolid to buy something to eat .... OXXO was so late that we had not eaten anything, did not feel hungry in spite of the hours that had passed while we were amazed and think about food was impossible.

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