diciembre 04, 2011

A few days ago somebody threw something at my door when I open the door, surprised to see a small box, box I knew it was, I just need to see its contents.
Its contents: HOPE
A few years ago talking to Victoria (www.voranges.com), showed me a box that arrived, the box contains LOVE, told me the project "The Priority Boxes Art Project" and I loved the idea, so I placed my order.
Franck de las Mercedes is an artist originally from Nicaragua, now recurred in NY and is the creator of the project, people asked for a box, no matter from where in the world is but arrives. The boxes are full of love, hope, peace, consideration, among many other gifts. His work with the boxes I feel great, because it is art with a cause, with cause and effect, to receive it is exciting, is part of the artist and others who believe and we like to share the positive.

For me it is a box with double value, because it has a symbolic emotional (in my case HOPE) and of course, is a work of art original home and signed by the artist.
Actually I did not expect my box, since I asked for many years and nothing, now if I had lost hope and see how things are the expected arrival undoubtedly gave me a lesson.

... "In his provocative portraits of large-scale abstract paintings, the work of Franck LasMercedes" has been described as a symbol, vibrant, colorful, explosive and sometimes disturbing. An intimate journey into the mind of the artist, the art of Franck combines expressionism, photography and collage to illustrate the consequences of emotionally charged experiences and representations of how he sees the world around him. "

Franck Thanks for sharing!

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