diciembre 05, 2011

Photowalk 2011

We did a tour of the center of the city, for me it was a great experience and I always wanted to go downtown or what's left of it and take pictures, so like I was not alone, because it was the perfect time to feel a little more of security. 
Here some Polaroids i took during the first part of the unofficial Photowalk 2011. On the streets of downtown Ciudad Juarez, this is what I found.

 The paletero proved to be a celebrity, for it was a "trick to get some kind of plastic figure it out through the mouth and the tear. 

 A. Briseno Photowalk organizer came with the red mask.

 This view from above, when we joined our shoes fotowalkers. 

We listened to Briseño giving instructions to start.

 The Cathedral, can you believe I have never entered?

 Cathedral Towers

 People in the square, especially older people

  no smile that left me take photo

 Peddler with a bit of grief and emotion left photograph

 Dancing Matachin, before taking the picture began to build its crest, then put the whole outfit.

 The bolero, which allowed me to serious photo

 Facade neglected

 Former President Mpal.

 Facade ex-presidency, is now a space for art and culture

 Pigeons downtown, always there.

 People and children, especially the yellow boy who kept chasing the pigeons, and photographers take pictures of it. 

 Photographers and doves 

 Inside Market d Cuauhtémoc, locked piñatas 

 Funeral Wreaths

 I looked through a window of the market and this is what gives you the depressing sight 

 Paper Flowers 



 Mexican Sandals sale

 I went to get talk to the Mr. to let me take her picture, he said he was 87, to which I replied "I hope have more" 
 This kid was good while playing the bench, his eyes watching me from side to side, as in surprise that he was going to take a picture

 People who spend and selling

 Family buying a lottery ticket

 Selling fruit

 Mr. selling birds, which forbade me take a picture ... too late 

 Barber facade 

 Transformers and cables everywhere


 Out of nowhere came 2 clowns were the feeling of many photographers, I took their picture, preferring to take my picture with them.

 Mr sat down to watch people

 This man ate while watching quietly 

 I confess that I really wanted to make this pic

 What was the announcement of the shoe 3 Brothers

 Mr salesman who began to pose for photos 

 Mr did not know that I took photo 

 This man was really cool, some photographers even asked her poses, but I do not like the pose, what they say but with its essence and everyday moments, he talked and wondered if I was in Juarez, to which I replied yes, I also said we are agreeing that handsome Chihuahua people.


 One of many posters asking for help to locate missing women 

 Crossing a street in the center 

 Juarez Street

 Facade careless ... I heard a lady who was going to say "Why did you take pictures at the doors"? 

 Small alley

 Sure people still rent in this hotel. 

 I'm sorry for this lady,  to your question ... I LIKE TO PHOTO take doors and facades! 

 The famous Club 15 which never entered

 2 Gentlemen eating in a seafood restaurant, whom I asked permission to take their picture, the final one invited me to eat, jajja ... no thanks!

 In my life I never went to that place. 

 But I love this door style and color


 Places on the verge of collapse 

 Facade of Pharmacy, reminds me of "Uso Justo" 


 This man is a paletero who showed us their "magic" because as we saw in the video I posted above, you can clearly see how this person gets a small object in his mouth and out through the tear. 

 It also puts a large nail through the nose, but it did not take it out on the other hand haha 

 Even this has style! 

 Whats that place? 

 This man dont like pics, it took them secretly. 

 Selling Accessories 

 This is a secret pic

 That is the Hotel del Rio, I have never come, I suppose it would be quite interesting to do, and from outside the show is sinister.

 Suddenly I looked at a restaurant and I found this ...

 The Kentucky Bar, do I come to this because I have led, not by choice. This bar is one of the most famous of the city, preserves the original since 1920!

 A man who saw all pass

sick on the street

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