septiembre 27, 2012

Memorial Park

Ducks from Memorial Park.
I hate this photo format, looks like something else is missing (for this kind of images) because the format in my camera was stuck, so here what i caught.

septiembre 18, 2012

Balloons (watercolor)

From the photos that I took of the balloons, I did some effects in watercolor, then a digital collage on cotton paper and voilá.

septiembre 10, 2012


Balloons Event

Sony TX5

watch the video made ​​by my husband HERE

Cloudy Colorful Sky

Cloudy Colorful Sky

The Colorado Balloon Classic, the largest and the longest continuously running hot air balloon festival in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Music by Gold Panda, Same Dream China


septiembre 04, 2012


Yesterday we went to the park to see balloons, I took some pictures, here a few with different filters.
(Ipod cam)