junio 25, 2013

Ladies with ermine

This is my favorite Leonardo Painting, and i like this mix because my eye was closed, but when i made the mirror effect with the Lady eyes, looks like my eye were open.

junio 14, 2013

Traces, many faces lost in the maze of time

Now I will be doing digital photography combining digital illustration, in some or almost all photos I will work with images of my admired Da Vinci and Robert Fludd (that´s the idea).
I took several self-portraits, now the challenge is not to get bored of them and be satisfied with the result.

junio 05, 2013

First Starry Night

Finally! Ever since I was little child I liked the images of the sky. For the first time I went to do my first test photographing the night sky in a place without city lights, and for extra lucky was a night without moon.

The iso that I used for all the photos was 1600, and the focal distanced 2.5,  50mm lens, some photos were captured from 6 seconds to 30 seconds.

They aren´t the best pictures of stars at night for sure, but to be my first ones I feel some satisfaction.

The place is Garden of the Gods (outside) but next time i want to make some shots from inside the Garden.