julio 30, 2013


I like the colors in this one, except the fiusha, but Im working with 3 images from this shooting, I´ll turning in black and white, plus graphics.

julio 29, 2013

julio 20, 2013


While my daughter and I played in the garden, I did some shots for pictures,  something silly just for fun.

julio 13, 2013


These pictures I made with some pictures I took on July 4th at fireworks event. My idea was to take some classic photos of fireworks, with the real scenario, but I did not know from where they would be thrown into the sky, and I was not in a proper horizontal line to get the shots, so this is what I came up.

julio 08, 2013

Analogically digital

I took these pictures with the camera diana mini like 2 or 3 years ago during a trip to Yucatán and my old city downtown. The images are about nothing.
The negatives are not printed, lets say that I printed digitally,  I took a picture from the negative, then I processed them digitally so the images appear.

I think is interesting, it's just another effect :)

julio 03, 2013

Love in motion

My intention was not to make these pictures, in fact I was preparing a session of a topic that I expected to arise in my mind while I spent making some adjustments to the camera, but as always, my daughter begins to cry when I want to get creative, and only in my arms she was peaceful, so once the camera was ready, I decided to shoot with the shutter open for 3 seconds , and of course, I had no choice but to have my daughter in arms.