agosto 15, 2013


Capturing Perseids was very hard even when the stellar rain lasted four days, there was rain and big clouds, we had planned a shooting from a good place for the day with more stars, but it was impossible with so many clouds and in the end nothing came out.

These photos I did from home, a day before the great meteor shower level.

agosto 13, 2013

Downtown Night

These are my first night shots from downtown.
My husband and I took pictures at the weekend thinking that there were people, cars, and lots of movement, but nothing. We walk almost alone on sidewalks, we wanted to capture images of the lights of cars going fast, and nothing only minutes passed, we had other idea of what would be the night life, this was completely calm.

agosto 11, 2013

Sunny Lake

Yesterday we went to a park with a little lake we had seen, but it certainly looks much better with the landscape cloudy, this time the sun burned the colors at sight.