diciembre 30, 2013

Back to Colorado 2013

Back home after a pre-Christmas visit to family in Ciudad Juarez, the way back to Colo home was amazing. We decided to take another route, the road was not very good and the weather less. We went into the Sun, then the sky was filled with gray clouds, the road was getting worse, more snow covered all around, we even saw an overturned truck because the ice. The panorama increasingly worse with snow and a thick fog. Where we all had excited and nervous, it was like driving on a cloud without knowing where you're going. Our baby cried, she was uncomfortable in the baby chair unable to move for hours. (thats not cool when you are traveling long time by car with a baby)
The snow continued, until I finally started to see the sun with thousands of clouds in a blue sky.

This trip was full of natural events impossible not to share, fearfully beautiful!

I made a "photobulk" with pics that I took through the window, it was very dirty but I think looks pretty good.

Colo Road 2013 from Valeria Prieto on Vimeo.

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