enero 28, 2014

People on Walmart

I love my photo project "That's life" and I'm very happy whit it, I am very pleased to take photos of whatever moments and things.

On this occasion with the ipod took several pictures at Walmart, the people at Walmart, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in the United States, there are many people who would be incredible to photograph, make some portraits, lot of weird and sometimes creepy people looking incredible and perfect for portraits.

enero 24, 2014

Entrevista Blog Kuchi.Fm

El mes pasado formé parte de los fotógrafos listados para el blog Kuchi.Fm de España, un sitio dedicado a mostrar trabajo fotográfico de fotógrafos de diferentes partes del mundo, les comparto mi turno y la entrevista que me hicieron.

clik aquí para leer la entrevista

enero 16, 2014

Pictorialism Style

I have always really enjoyed the old photographs look, this time I wanted to imitate some pictorialism, simple portrait, probably I´ll be experimenting/doing more of this style.

enero 15, 2014

Pikes Peak RM

Pikes Peak from Valeria Prieto on Vimeo.

For the first time we visited Pikes Peak, part of the Rocky Mountains, we climbed to over 13,000 feet driving. The cold was very cold! haha, kidding ...
The cold did not leave us to do many things because my husband did not bring the right jacket. Valentina struggled to breathe air so cold. I prepared a snacks, but it was impossible to be outside, so we ate snacks in the car beacause the idea of ​​putting a blanket to sit on the ground or grass or snow was impossible. We were a couple of miles to get to the top, but we just saw more of the sky and pavement for long while we were driving, that was dizzy.

I made a short photobulk.