marzo 09, 2014

Al is like the boogeyman アルバートは夜が好き

This is my new video project with the Visual Artist and grammy nominee (for best music video 2013)  Javier Ventura 

I will tell about this great project...
Last year Javier met Arai Tasuku by twitter, a musician and composer from Japan, Javier do not speak japanese and Arai don´t speak english, so all the communication was by google translate, kind of funny (yes, that is music, another language that we can understand without words) . Javier loved Arai´s music, so Javier decided to create a music video for him.

Javier invited me to make with him this video, so we planned all the story, graphics and all the magic.

Here some images from the shooting at Studio C3 who was the producer company based on Colorado, the video was made in slow motion, so we were shooting frame by frame. (our baby was looking all the process too, she is on the photo haha)

This was the fist sketches for the story...

Here is the final video, I hope you enjoy our work, the visuals and of course the great music by Arai Tasuku.

Song: Al like the boogeyman アルバートは夜が好き by Arai Tasuku
Directed by Javier Ventura
Produced by Studio C3
Story by Valeria Prieto and Javier Ventura
Illustrations by Valeria Prieto

Actors/Actress: Kaleb Kohart, Javier Ventura and Valeria Prieto

marzo 08, 2014

Community Photo Contest 1rst and 4th prize

With Charlie Mussi the organizer of the Photo Contest 
photo by Dennis Smith 

(click to enlarge)

I won first prize on Portrait category and 4th place on Man Made/ Digital Manipulation category

This was my first photo contest,  I won first place in the portrait category. With more than 200 submissions about 40 images of photographs of Colorado were chosen. The exhibition was held in the East Library, Pikes Peak library district. I really love and enjoyed this experience, it was really nice to met people who cares and enjoy photography.

Thanks so much to Charlie Mussi for made this possible.

Hot air balloon/ Elephant and moon