abril 24, 2015


This is the second hummingbird that I do, now with gold leaf. It is a technique that I like a lot but I have used very little, I knew it when I started doing "frescos" that are ethyls stones with neoclassical and renaissance images. Last year I started using gold leaf on paper, but i need a lot of practice and patience.

As you can see I have not spent much time creating pictures like I used to do, with surreal and conceptual editions. I guess I will do it latter.

Now with the move to Iowa and the new adaptation, plus a girl to attend I have been with a lot of work at home and my creative personal things they have devoted little time and I do not focus on just one thing, now Im between photography, drawing, fabrics, bags, pads, calendars and many other designs I'm doing, Im still working on the adaptation of my work area, still not finished! I feel like I do a thousand things at once.

But what is clear to me is that I will never stop creating.
Please keep visiting my blog, thanks for leave comments!

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