junio 20, 2015


Today Im launching my new project of jewelry named Tesoro. Is handmade with real flowers and plants. This products are available on my Etsy or you can request by email. 
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instagram @_tesoro

junio 12, 2015


I love Iowa because is flat and full of green and colorful life instead of concrete and big buildings, now I took advantage of those scenarios to create some photographs. We were driving to Elk Horn to see the Danish Windmill. (Danish for real)

junio 08, 2015


Colorado Springs was my second home for living, and there were some things that we´ll remember for ever, let me share with you a few...

Josh & John´s Ice Cream. ¿Why with a snake? I don´t have any idea! and I hate snakes, but our crush was the Mocha Java Colocate Ice cream, with chunks of coffee beans covered with chocolate. Is delicious, but be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine...sometimes my heart was in a race!

Snowflakes. Snows a lot, and you can see the shapes of the snowflakes.

Deers. It´s common to see deers on the streets near to the mountains, but one day we say one on our backyard! was so weird.

Dandelions. Dandelions are everywhere but Javier likes a special moment when he was driving and the streets was full of dandelions seeds floating all around.

Beer. That´s a lot of breweries, with crafty beer. (Javier is kind of fan, I don´t like it so much)

Petunias. We were full of Petunias, is our type of flower because is super easy to cultivate and with a single flower you can make it grow a bunch.

Garden of the Gods. One of the most visited places, we really enjoyed our time walking on the park and taking photos, there was my first star trail session, and I have a lot of photos in GOG.

Kiowa house. A.K.A Doll house, Cookie House, I´ll remember the first time on that house, super small but super cute, was very crunchy and so cozy, ¡our first home!

Pines (Woods) Our favorite places was Helen Hunt, we loved to spend the noon walking through the pines and looking the cascade, spending my bday with pizza or eating hamburgers in the snow with our frozen hands.

Med Cafe. The best mediterranean food! the gyros was my fav.

Lichos. Lichos is a word that we invented because our ex house holder name is Elesia, but we adapted the name to spanish "Licha", and she loves gardening and every day she was cleaning and taking care of the plants. She and her husband are very good people.  They will be remember with lot of gratitude.

Pizza. The best wood oven pizza was from Il Vicino!

Hand. The hands belongs to Valerntina, and definitely a big part of our Colorado story is what it is because of her. She born in Colorado Springs, so you can imagine all the things we pass alone with our first child, in a new place, a new life, away from family, with nobody who help. I just can say ¡OMG!

Balloons. The Hot air Balloon Festival, a cool event that we enjoyed with a lot of colorful balloons, during day and night.

Rabbit. We just to have a pet, well it was not ours but the rabbit lives (probably yet) under the house.

Bone. Represents the Mc Kenzie´s. Annie our ex neighbor and a good friend has two labrador dogs, super big! and Valentina loves Riley and Mc Kenzie.

Sunflower. It was the first flower that we sow.

junio 05, 2015


Today is the donut day, so I design this, now is available as tote and pillow on Sunshine
This will be on sale as a print too, soon on my etsy.


junio 04, 2015


Today I made this Illustration about Ciudad Juárez.  There are a lot of things that should be included, but probably in another postcard.
One of the most commemorative things are listed here:

Burrito. ¿Did you know that burritos was invented in Ciudad Juárez? my favorites are frijoles con queso (beans with cheese),  Deshebrada (Shredder beef) and Papa (Potatoes). The best place and the most popular to eat burritos is "Crisostomo".

X. The big X sculpture is a piece of art by Sebastián, he made a lot of cubism/abstract pieces.

Calor. (heat) The heat is very heavy in Juárez, sometimes people can die if they are not well hydrated.

Clamato and Cerveza (beer). Clamato is a very popular drink, the mix contains clam juice, tomato juice, beer, lemons, spices, and hot sauces with maggie sauce, you can add shrimps, or dry meat with celery.

Margatita. Yes, the very famous Margatita was invented in Ciudad Juárez :) If you know spanish you can read all about it here

Catedral. The Cathedral located at downtown.

INBA. The Art Museum with a very cool architecture.

Trevly. The best ice cream of the town, I love it!

Elotes. Corn on the cob is very popular, specially in "El parque Borunda" (Borunda´s Park) the corns are prepared with butter, salt, lemon, dry spices, cheese, and cream. 

Camión. (Bus) They are everywhere and everybody hate it haha, they are old, awful, probably dangerous lol.

Bache (hole) The are everywhere too! on the streets, so every time we drive is a mess, and worse if rains.

Chamizal. That´s the name of the most Popular Park between Juárez and EL Paso TX.

Puente Córdova. The bridge between Juárez y El paso TX.

Modesto. There´s no Zoo, but you can visit the giraffe Modesto at Central Park.

junio 01, 2015


Last month I was working on "Father's Day" designs. The first watercolor I did was inspired in the blue feathered bird that I saw for the first time in my life, the beautiful Blue Jay. The second design was created for a client who asked me for "much love" embodied in a design for her husband.

After spending time painting with watercolors it was time to digitize designs, and now they are available as cushions and cards in my etsy shop.