junio 04, 2015


Today I made this Illustration about Ciudad Juárez.  There are a lot of things that should be included, but probably in another postcard.
One of the most commemorative things are listed here:

Burrito. ¿Did you know that burritos was invented in Ciudad Juárez? my favorites are frijoles con queso (beans with cheese),  Deshebrada (Shredder beef) and Papa (Potatoes). The best place and the most popular to eat burritos is "Crisostomo".

X. The big X sculpture is a piece of art by Sebastián, he made a lot of cubism/abstract pieces.

Calor. (heat) The heat is very heavy in Juárez, sometimes people can die if they are not well hydrated.

Clamato and Cerveza (beer). Clamato is a very popular drink, the mix contains clam juice, tomato juice, beer, lemons, spices, and hot sauces with maggie sauce, you can add shrimps, or dry meat with celery.

Margatita. Yes, the very famous Margatita was invented in Ciudad Juárez :) If you know spanish you can read all about it here

Catedral. The Cathedral located at downtown.

INBA. The Art Museum with a very cool architecture.

Trevly. The best ice cream of the town, I love it!

Elotes. Corn on the cob is very popular, specially in "El parque Borunda" (Borunda´s Park) the corns are prepared with butter, salt, lemon, dry spices, cheese, and cream. 

Camión. (Bus) They are everywhere and everybody hate it haha, they are old, awful, probably dangerous lol.

Bache (hole) The are everywhere too! on the streets, so every time we drive is a mess, and worse if rains.

Chamizal. That´s the name of the most Popular Park between Juárez and EL Paso TX.

Puente Córdova. The bridge between Juárez y El paso TX.

Modesto. There´s no Zoo, but you can visit the giraffe Modesto at Central Park.

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Joe Pollo dijo...

Haha loved it! Literally I saw the storm of ideas developing into a fantastic blog entry! Congratulations :)