agosto 24, 2015


This is part of my workspace, a view of a corner at my office in home. First of all is full of flowers, some fresh, some dry, and sometimes I really do not know where to put it because my space is still in progress, so I don´t have storage yet. When I think that I finished, suddenly I start to cut more flowers and the room looks worse, but the only who can see all my mess is my little gnome on the window.

I started to pick up some hazelnuts, they are so cute, I love the little "hat" and Im sure that I will use it latter on a new project, I don´t know when or how but I will.
I have two butterflies that I found in the park, they were dead because the rain, one kind of wasp, a dried mushroom, some pinecones and a noisy (but dead) cicada on my shelve. The white and black image is a picture of my parents at their wedding making a toast.

A chair always is important, and mine it is, I found it on a antique shop, was brown, with a very damage fabric, and I painted on blue and covered with stars, now thats cool. I work sitting on the stars ha!

My work table, I think I don´t have one, or I wish to have a big one, super big one! because right now is full, always full.  There is a hammer....I don´t know why! I used it but I cant remember why. My table is full of flowers, painting, molds, scissors, tweezers, glass, glue, pencils, papers even moos for work.

Now everybody knows where my Tesoros are produced.