septiembre 14, 2015


We spend my birth day traveling, almost all day driving, and this was our destination "The Grotto of the Redemption" The day was so humid and cloudy, but the beauty of the stones and quartz isn´t opaqued by nothing.

Here some info from the website

"About the Grotto
The Grotto is frequently considered the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and The Iowan magazine has described the Grotto as a “Miracle in Stone.” The location was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 2001 and has been included in such features as Roadside America and Disney’s The Straight Story. A composite of nine separate grottos, each portrays a scene in the life of Christ. The largest man-made Grotto in the world, the Grotto contains the largest collection of precious stones and gems found anywhere in one location!"

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