noviembre 29, 2015


When I was kid I loved cinema, now is not my hit and Im not a "movie person" but always caught my attention some kinds of videos, especially those with beautiful photography.
My husband and I have made some for several years as some already know, experimental or creative videos without none at deepening.

Time is no longer as before when we had hours and we were free to create videos and experiment with video all days, but I decided to give me the task of recording personal moments, no matter the subject as they will be just little moments where I find beauty (as you know I see beauty even in the stones). Then pass them on to my husband for him to edit.

I hope you like it, all this will be numbered beginning with No. 1


Double exposition with this little girl, I like how her hands look on the blend, Im not sure but I this this girl belongs to Bouguereau paintings.


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noviembre 17, 2015


I took some portraits on my home, then I bended it with other portraits (paintings). I love double exposure.

noviembre 09, 2015


Yesterday we went to Greenwood trail, and I made this photo, I love to make double expo with old paintings, I remember the first time, was 7 years ago approximately I was alone on my classroom waiting for my students, and I was looking the cotton filed and the sun making shadows on the floor, then I started to search in a book for old paintings and with my ipad I started to mix myself with other, thats very cool.

noviembre 07, 2015

noviembre 03, 2015


This was our first "Día de Muertos" without celebration, we were tired and we decide to spend the day at home making some improvements, suddenly my husband told me about the party at the Museum of Modern Art and they were having a party to celebrate the day of deaths! with mariachi, pan de muerto (bread of deaths) and altars, so we jumped out our bed and arrived to the Museum, was so cool! until our daughter started to cry and yell "A la calle!" ("Les´t go outside") she was scared with the ladies dressed as skulls and the music haha. So our party was over.

We came back to home and I was so upset because the party was like a mexican miracle here in Iowa and Valentina started to cry :( thats why I decided to make my own Día de Muertos on paper, I mean, I started to make some drawings of skulls and a hint of watercolor.


One of my favorite holidays of the year is the Day of the Dead, this year we did not dressed up as Catrines therefore I decided to draw myself as Catrina. (graphite and acrylic)