abril 03, 2018


Back on the road, this time pushing myself a little bit, after the daylight saving (change of hour) and recovering energies I have been a kind of slow and low emotional to paint, so I have started a new portrait to upload my “mojo”. Lately I have been asking myself “why more portraits”? Sometimes I just have the right feeling about them and some times I don’t, I suppose this can vary. I have seen many artist doing portraits and I feel a lot of inspiration and I want to make my own work by just looking how rich the colors and textures are, I think I just need to focus and retreat myself doing what I like and keep walking the line without excuses like “I’m tired” “I have to take care of my daughter because is spring break” “I have to clean the house” “i have to prepare meals” “I have to...”. this time I want to change the “I have to” for “I need to or I want to” #artislife #facesonsquaresvp

Finally! Chelsea with white bird is finished. I have used premium cardstock 12x12 by COLORK脰K, acrylics by plaid, color pencils by Prismacolor and graphite pencils by Daler Rowney. 馃帹馃尭馃晩

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