octubre 04, 2018


My piano bench is ready, I really love those colors! And the quote is beautiful too! I really love music and was kind of hard to choose a quote, the quote belongs to Lao Tzu and I will add the credit shortly ...
Finally, I ended up with the City Sounds @dsmpianosproject, in which I felt very fortunate and grateful to have been selected along with other artists to paint a piano, my piano will be exposed to the public in some street of Des Moines during May TILL FALL , please if you get to see my piano in the street I ask you to enjoy it, to make music, even if you don’t know how to play the piano, play with it and become the best friend of my piano, watch it carefully and feel it, as well as sounds, this piano has much love in each brushstroke, color and shape, it was exactly a month of work in which I enjoyed the whole process very much. Please share me (tag me) with a video or a photograph of my piano if you like it and likewise I will share it on my facebook page with your credit. I hope you like it! 馃幑

 Now you can have the print ! Link here. 馃 馃幎    ETSY

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